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Customized training

What is customized training? It refers to the enterprise or individual proposes vague training framework, the training institution carries out investigation, consultancy, and judgement, then develops in accordance with the enterprise’s or individual’s case, with requirements of knowledge points taught can be applied in business, customized training is “simultaneous consulting, development and teaching”!

Catetory of our training

  • Universities training

    For customized training for colleges/universities, the training contents, organization form, and training effect assessment etc meet the requirements of customized training for faculty. Integrated with actual needs of faculty, we pay attention to practice ability, improve ability of solving real problems, and greatly enhance faculty’s engagement in training.

  • Enterprise training

    Our training contents are formulated as your needs. With the purpose of designing training scheme aiming at staff of different level and in different business fields; corporate executives, middle level managers, grassroots employees; different functional departments; different industries. Meanwhile through team incubation, case discussion, theme exchange and other forms, we customize training of foreign assignment, pooling human resources, short-middle-long term and in different fields and frequency, and offer one stop service and solution for enterprise training.

  • Individual training

    Customized teaching, let extracurricular training be the supplement of quality education

Immediate customizing

Why choose us?

Pyramid training system

Help customize annual learning plan, and use the most systematic and professional manner to guarantee the cultivation of high and middle level, and grassroots cadres, enterprise key and common staff, build special talent cultivation system;

High customizing without add attention in the whole process

Customize, manage and track in accordance with characteristics and special requirements: customize “topic, content, faculty, time, place, visiting, teaching” etc

Reliable professional team

We own best teams of consulting, teaching and serving, that can guarantee the professional and efficient customizing service.

Establish continuous learning mechanism

Through constraints of institution, monitoring of professional staff, building of learning atmosphere to guarantee continuous learning, enable training become production line for enterprise’s talent cultivation.

Immediate customizing

Training procedure

  • 01

    Establishment and exclusiveness

    Establish exclusive group for project, group members are composed of expert and professor, trainer, counselor and support staff, in order to guarantee the allocation of human resources for executing training.

  • 02

    Diagnosis and scheme

    Through interviewing with enterprise’s related officials, we understand the training requirements and expectation for the staff from enterprise, for integrating training plan with enterprise’s actual condition.

  • 03

    Implementation and interaction

    Through interview, planning, proposal, discussion, to confirm plan of training project, and guarantee smooth implementation of project.

  • 04

    Learning and execution

    Take training modes of guiding, sand box simulation, experience etc, instruct systematically and purposefully.

  • 05

    Efficiency and transformation

    When stage training is over, organize training summary meeting, in discussion and summarizing, transform between knowledge and practice towards instructed contents.

Customer witness

China-US Connectivity Platform of Higher Education has provided customized consulting and training service for hundreds of enterprises in the country, clients and learners have something to do with education, real estate, internet, finance, retail and many other industries, exclusive “learning for application”, help clients realize training effect initiative and transformation. Because of this, the customized training of this platform can obtain common selection from numerous clients.


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