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Brief introduction of zhejiang - California education innovation cooperation center

The zhejiang-california education innovation cooperation center is an important part of the cooperation between the two gulf states.The cooperation agreement between the two universities is a cooperation agreement signed by the applied undergraduate universities alliance of zhejiang province and the university alliance of California of the United States on August 14, 2018.The name of the agreement is "two bay area", which means the hangzhou bay area of zhejiang province and the San Francisco bay area of California. This cooperation aims to promote the cooperation between these two areas with many similarities, create more transnational promotion opportunities for the two bay areas, strengthen international exchanges, and promote the integration of industry and education.

Here is the bridge between the two gulf communication, understand the dynamics of the two gulf from here.


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China-US Industry and Education Integration+ High-Level Applied University Construction Project

Innovation-driven development strategy according to the country, in June 2016, the seventh round of sino-us cultural exchanges of high-level consultations to determine, the two countries to start the application technical education of China and the United States "double hundred" (hereinafter referred to as "double hundred plan"), the development and construction of the campus planning center by the ministry of education and education alliance to promote the use of technique, to realize the 100 over five years on the depth of application technology university, school of cooperation, the profound integration of 100.In September 2017, the "" double hundred plan" "on applied technology education between China and the United States was incorporated into the concrete outcomes of the first round of the action plan on china-us social and people-to-people dialogue.In October 2017, the "" double hundred plan" "was comprehensively upgraded to the sino-us integration of industry and education + high-level application-oriented university construction project.

"Double hundred plan" is designed to introduce the use of curriculum system, experimental training equipment and management experience, talent cultivation patterns, such as resources, for two or three line of the application of local universities and colleges of undergraduate course transformation, talent training, make with teaching, curriculum development and technology application ability, communication ability of the double type teaching staff;Plan at the same time, the "double hundred" committed to the international system education project, joint training with excellent quality, professional and management knowledge, love life, good communication, easy to cooperate, the internationalization of cross-cultural application talents, deepening integration production and education of China and the United States, create international talent training platform and the innovation talented person education ecological system, let each student not out, will have a chance to accept education internationalization, opens the door to the growth for students.

With the implementation and promotion of the "double hundred plan", in 2016, 8 colleges and universities have reached cooperation intention in 12 categories of majors, covering advanced manufacturing, green and environmental protection and other strategic emerging industries that are national key development areas.The next step is to cooperate with 30 universities and colleges. By 2020, at least 100 domestic universities and enterprises will participate in the cooperation with American universities and enterprises.In the next stage, the scope will be gradually extended to colleges and universities and vocational and technical colleges nationwide, and the promotion and implementation will be carried out for colleges and universities at all levels.Hundreds of schools are linked to establish an applied education ecosystem of low-carbon, environmental protection and sustainable development, contributing to the sustainable development of the world.