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About Us

Global Advanced Technical Education.

Beijing gold blue easy international education technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "gold blue one) is an integrated international universities, international business, government and organizational aspects of resources, to serve the colleges and universities, serve the society, to cultivate higher applied talents with high level and international competitiveness, create sustainable education ecological system as the goal of the international education services company.

Gold blue one with more than 10 years experience in application education, integration of many universities and education institutions, including the United States, many aspects of industry organization, enterprise resources, from project establishment, teacher training and education mode to build, international platform building and so on ways to build the golden blue one unique one-stop international education new mode.

Gold blue easy planning and construction development center in collaboration with the ministry of education school of applied technology of China and the United States education "double hundred" (hereinafter referred to as "double hundred plan"), in the department of international cooperation and communion department of Chinese and developing, in June 2016 in the seventh round of sino-us cultural exchanges of high-level consultations work conference, the ministry of education of the two countries witness leaders signing, become an important cooperation of China and the United States.In September 2017, the "" double hundred plan" "was incorporated into the concrete outcomes of the first round of china-us social and people-to-people dialogue action plan.In October 2017, the "" double hundred plan" "was comprehensively upgraded to the sino-us integration of industry and education + high-level application-oriented university construction project.As the project delivery unit of "double hundred plan", golden blue worry-free will carry out the implementation and delivery of "double hundred plan".

The company has carried out various service modes, such as school-enterprise resource integration, Chinese university application and transformation service, talent base construction, overseas training and so on.It has cooperated with the school planning and construction development center of the ministry of education to carry out the transformation project of China university of applied science and technology, and with China institute of international education (CIEI) to establish "international training base for high-skilled talents" and other government cooperation projects.Overseas training services to win the gold blue secure China's state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, the national development and reform commission and the justice department, the ministry of communications, the Beijing municipal government, the government of jiangsu province, zhejiang provincial government, shaanxi provincial government, provincial government, the government, the government of sichuan province, hebei province, guangxi provincial government, the government of shandong province, the Red Cross society of China, chongqing federation, buaa, National People's Congress, Shanghai university, chongqing university, shaanxi normal university, xiamen university and other institutions.

Golden blue worry-free will continue to move forward in the field of education, help build a green China, and create a green, low-carbon and sustainable education ecosystem in China.We look forward to sincere cooperation with you to create brilliant!