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Network video conference introduction

Webex Meetings network video conference system is a high efficient and convenient product for network video conference, that provides excellent solution of video conference system building for enterprise, video collaboration connects each space which makes conference of zero distance.
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Cisco Webex   Advantages of network video conference

Webex network video conference originally it is so strong

Perfect integration of camera, codec, microphone,
loud-speaker and Wi-Fi
No need of any hardware, just open webpage for experiencing,
realize cross screen operation of whole platform
Compatible with different brand hardware of video conference,
perfect adaptation to different scenes

Webex network video conference originally it is so safe

Safe 7*24 professional customer service support and
customized service National first operation service provider with
multi communicationlicenses
Network video conference system data safety is accredited by
international network safety authorities such as WebTrust, SAS70
etc, guarantee customer’s information safety.

Webex network video conference originally it is so high efficient

PPT、Word document, drawing, teaching demonstration
and so on can be shared with participants accurately
and efficiently
Whiteboard, note, annotation for recording video
conference content at any time, not miss any details
network video conference sharing materials in time

Webex network video conference originally it is so perfect

Perfect Group chat and private chat in words, make conference not
tedious any more
Smart tracking participants’ attention, voting and
question-answer function can accelerate conference
decision, improve collaboration efficiency
Perfect recording and playback of conference, storage can
be in local or cloud

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Video conference usage process

Webex network video conference, quickly start real time conference in 30s, convenient operation, simple conference setting, invitation, reminder, can provide setting for different equipment.

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